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2024 Tarpons Important Information


Tarpon Registration Prices:

First Swimmer $140 * Second $135 * Third $130 * Fourth $125

Swimmer Eligibility:

The New Territory Tarpons belong to the Southwest Houston Recreational Swimming League (SHRSL). The SHRSL Season is defined as May 1 of the current year through the Post-Season All-Star Meet in July.

A swimmer’s age on May 31 of the current year shall determine the swimmer’s age group for competition. Swimmers must be 18 or under on May 31 to be eligible.

To be eligible for the season, you may not practice nor compete with any non-SHRSL team (for example, FCST, competition or sanctioned meets including UIL, USA Swimming, CCAA or any other swimming competition) after April 30. The only exceptions are a maximum of 7 clinic/camp days (for example, FCST stroke clinics, R&R spring clinics, etc.), and you may practice with middle school or high school academic grade swimming programs and school-related Olympic development programs through the end of the school year. A swimmer participating in any NCAA Swimming program (practice OR competition) is ineligible for SHRSL participation.

A swimmer may not change their team affiliation after May 12; after which, a swimmer shall practice and compete with only one SHRSL swim team per season.

Minimum Swim Requirements:

The New Territory Tarpons swim team is NOT a learn-to-swim program, but is intended to enhance the skills already learned from swim lessons. We do teach competitive strokes to those swimmers who desire to compete. All swimmers who feel they can reach the eligibility requirements and timeframe listed below are welcome to register and begin practicing with the team.

Eligibility AFTER MAY 12:

3- to 7-year-old swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted (25 yards).*

Swimmers aged 8 - 10 years old should have a working knowledge of all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and should be legal (i.e., have meet-qualified form) in at least two strokes.

Swimmers who are 11 & older must be able to swim two lengths of the pool (50 yards) in at least three strokes.

*TINY TARPONS: 3- to 5-year old swimmers who attend 3 to 5 practice sessions per week and aren’t quite ready by May 12, but who the coaches feel will be ready to participate in a meet by the THIRD MEET (June 5), may be invited to continue with the team as a TINY TARPON. If your TINY TARPON is your family’s only swimmer, you can request a reduction in volunteer shift requirements. Questions? Contact Matt ([email protected])

Grace Period, Refund Deadline, Wait List, and Practice-Only:

We have a grace period of two weeks during which swimmers are allowed to practice and work on skills necessary to compete. If, during that two-week period, either the swimmer or the head coach of the swim team believes that the swimmer would benefit more from swim lessons, a partial refund will be issued. The last day for a partial refund is May 10, 2024. If your swimmer drops from the team before the cutoff, a refund will be issued minus credit card fees and $25.00 to cover coaching and mandatory league insurance fees.

Because our team roster can vary until the end of the grace period, we will invite some swimmers from the wait list to register and begin practicing during May, so you will not miss out on practice, instruction, or team communication while waiting for a space to possibly become available on the roster. In the event that a space does not open up during the grace period, you will be entitled to the same refund described above.

Tarpons age-group practices are designed to have a safe and manageable number of swimmers in the pool at any time. For that reason, we do not offer “practice-only” spots, except for TINY TARPONS as described above, and high school team swimmers with Tarpons Board approval.

Other Considerations for Participation:

Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible. Lack of attendance may affect relay participation.

Parent volunteering is required of each family with a child on the team. (See 2024 Volunteer Agreement)

New Territory residents must be in good standing with the NTRCA, per NTRCA pool-use rules.


Swimmers from all Sugar Land-area communities are welcome to join us. Tarpons swimmers who are not New Territory residents must include a $25 fee with registration to cover NTRCA pool use.

Meet Attendance Requirement:

Tarpons regular-season meets are held on Monday evenings (and 1 Tuesday due to Memorial Day) in May and June. Tarpon swimmers must attend two of five meets to be eligible for the team. When registering, you must do so with the intent of swimming the entire regular season (excluding Champions Meet and All-Stars), though we understand that swimmers may have to miss a meet or two due to illness, a family emergency, or some other unavoidable situation. If you register without the intent of swimming all season, this is unfair to those who are willing to make this commitment. Moreover, if families leave before the season ends, we are left without the volunteers that we need to run our meets effectively.

If you do not fulfill the meet attendance requirement or your volunteer requirements, you will not be eligible to register with returning families for the 2025 season. Thank you for your cooperation!

Practice Times:

Daily practices for the Tarpons begin April 29, 2024. Tarpons practice schedule has not been set yet. In the past, we practiced weekdays after school in May, and switch to weekday mornings after school ends. The Tarpons and the Torpedoes practice at the Ellis Creek and The Club pools. Check the Tarpon website for up-to-date information regarding practice times and location. (Click here for practice schedule.) You are expected to practice at your age group’s scheduled time only, unless you have prior permission from the head coaches to come at a different time.

Team Gear:

Our Tarpons team suit is in the works. We will update here as soon as possible. The purchase of a team suit is optional, but highly recommended. You will have a chance in May to order personalized silicone swim caps through the Tarpons. Other non-personalized Tarpons gear is available at the kickoff parent meeting, home meets, and select practices.

Sponsors Needed:

The Tarpons love our sponsors!! Please let our 2024 sponsors know how much we appreciate their support. The Tarpons would not be the great swim team it is without them. If you know of a potential sponsor, please contact Celina Koscinski at [email protected].


Contact Han Doan at [email protected]

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2018 Meet of Champions 1st place for 11 & UP



2023 Meet of Champions 1st PLACE 10&U and 11&UP

2024 Division 1

New Territory Tarpons * Sugar Land Sharks * First Colony Gators * Covington Woods Stingrays * Maplewood Marlins

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