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Meet Absence Reporting

We would love for every Tarpon to attend every swim meet we have, but we do know that conflicts and illnesses happen.*  If you know of a meet that you must miss, the coaches need to know as soon as you know, so they can plan for the relays and individual events without you.

There are three ways to reach the list of swim meets on our website: 

1) Click on the "Schedules" tab on any page (just click, without choosing from the menu below it), 

2) Click on "View all" in the list of "Upcoming Events," or 

3) Click on this link to jump directly from this page.

To report an absence, scroll down to the meet you want, and click on the "Meet Entry" button.  (If the Meet Entry button is gray and says "closed," it is past the deadline for reporting online, and you should contact the coaches directly.)

The next screen will show your current status for that meet, which you can edit again later, until the deadline for the meet.  Click on the "Edit" button to record whether you will attend the meet.

If you will miss the meet, choose "Not attending" from the dropdown list, then click the "Save" button.

If you will be late to the meet, or if you will be leaving early, choose "Attending" from the dropdown list, then choose the correct option from the list.

For late arrivals and early departures, the next question will ask for an explanation.  You don't need to enter a reason, but please enter the time you expect to arrive/depart, if known (or an estimate, if unknown), to help the coaches know which events you might be available to swim.  After entering the time information, click the "Save" button to finish.

You are welcome to report each swimmer's planned attendance at every meet, but only reports of absences are required.  Undeclared swimmers will be assumed to be attending the meet.

*Click here to refer back to our Meet Attendance Requirement that you signed at registration.

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